We are coffee producers in Tolima. A region located in the central part of Colombia and the third biggest coffee producing region in our country. Additionally, our experience working with specialty coffees has allowed us to meet amazing producers whose coffees represent their constant dedication and hard work

Throughout the year, we analyze and taste different kind of profiles that meet the requierements of different niches in the specialty coffee market. This has allowed us to build transparent and long lasting relationships both with producers and green coffee buyers interested in positioning the beautiful coffees from Tolima.

Our Projects 

Las Cerezas del Triunfo Dolores-Tolima

Our farm is a family heritage that we want to preserve and keep positioning both in the local and international market.  Las Cerezas del Triunfo is a 20 hectares farm where we grow Colombia, Caturra, Castillo and Pink Bourbon that we process as washed, honey and natural depending on the final product we aim based on market trends.



Green Coffees

During the last few years, our relationships with independent farms and associations have allowed us  to create partnerships and knowledge exchange through consultancy projects in order to improve the quality of their coffees and to find different markets for their offer.

Some of the associations we work with are located in the southern east and central part of Tolima region and they are part of our offer when it comes to higher volumes 

insignia coffee shops and roastery

Our local market offer is focused on positioning our region through the promotion of high quality coffee consumption by providing specialty coffees to the local community. Additionally, our shops are the entrance to our business model through a place where we can showcase our coffee selection to green buyers visiting our region.



 Our Team 

Jhon Espitia Coffee is producer and agronomist green coffee analyst and roaster for insignia also in charge of providing training to coffee growers in order to improve their coffee quality.




If you are interested in working with us, please send us an email to hola@insignia.coffee we will be more than happy to share more about our work with you!